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Posted by on Nov 19, 2007

Brother Sun and Sister Cave

Brother Sun and Sister Cave


Many years ago I heard a little fable that seems appropriate for this time of year, as the Northern Hemisphere gets darker and the holidays approach. It’s actually a good one to remember any time during the year if we are feeling alone or sad. I’ll tell you the story and hope you’ll find meaning(s) awaken within your heart.

Once upon a time, there was a cave in the mountainside. She lived high up on the mountain, where no one ever came to visit her. For all she knew, no one even knew she existed.

She was a very deep cave and very dark inside. She felt cold and sad. Many days she would sit and cry because she was so alone, it was so dark and she felt so sad.

One day, the sun, who was shining on the outside of the mountain, heard her tiny voice crying. It sounded like she was very small or very far away. He called out to her, “Hello, where are you? Why are you sad?”

She answered, “I’m deep inside the mountain and I’m sad because it’s so dark and cold inside here. And I’m all alone.”

The sun immediately called back, “Sister Cave, I’m sorry you’re so unhappy. If it would help, please come outside and visit me. I don’t know what it is to be dark and cold, but I’d like to show you what light is like.”

The cave decided she had nothing to lose, so she picked up her skirts from all around her and slowly moved out into the light. She was happy to meet Brother Sun and experience his light, though it did seem very bright at first. The time passed quickly as they visited –Sister Cave and Brother Sun. Sister Cave felt very happy in the light. She stayed for a few days, enjoying the light, the warmth, and the company. It seemed they had many things to talk about and Brother Sun was wonderful company.

Then one day, Sister Cave began to think. “It’s all very well to be in the light. It’s really lots of fun. But life isn’t all light and fun. There are dark places and times too.” When she mentioned this to Brother Sun, he had to admit that he really found that hard to comprehend. Sister Cave told him that the best way to understand darkness was to experience it. She invited him to come visit her inside the mountain and Brother Sun accepted her invitation with much anticipation, because he had never experienced darkness. So it was decided.

Sister Cave told him he had to wait until she got everything ready for his visit. She went back inside the mountain and made herself as dark and cold as possible. When she couldn’t get any darker or colder, she called out, “I’m ready now, Brother Sun. Come in and see what darkness is.”

Brother Sun was very exited. He was going to experience something new and see where his new friend lived. He came out of the sky and made himself very small. Then he tiptoed into the entrance of the cave. He went in deeper and deeper, looking around as he went along. Finally he got to the very back of the cave. Sister Cave was very excited to see him and show him what her darkness was like.

Brother Sun looked all around the inside of the cave, with a puzzled expression on his face. At last he asked, “But Sister Cave, where is the darkness?”

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