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Posted by on Oct 21, 2009

Quote of the Day – Adele Gonzalez

Quote of the Day – Adele Gonzalez

The Spirituality of Community

Words to ponder and celebrate from Adele Gonzalez in The Spirituality of Community.

In the beginning God created a community, simply because God is relational and desired to share a life of intimacy with all creation. God gave us the ability to love, relate, and create freely, in God’s image and likeness. We could say that God is community and that everything was created in Christ and for Christ. . . But Christ has no body now but ours; no feet, no hands, but ours. We have been called, gifted, and sent to be Christ to our struggling world, to walk with each other in this tremendous process of transformation.“

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  1. Yes! So true! We all have a specific purpose in the community of Christ and a general purpose. My specific purpose, as revealed by the Holy Spirit, is in leadership communication ~More later~ when I return your wonderful email!~Thanks for the info. Our general purpose is to reach up to mentors, of which you have been one of my finest, and to reach down and help those behind us on their journey. See YouTube video that I’m forwarding~my 1st time on the TUBE!

    Love to All

    God Bless

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