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Posted by on Aug 7, 2008

Share Your Discoveries – How to Use Theologika’s Watchlist Feature

Share Your Discoveries – How to Use Theologika’s Watchlist Feature

NEWS FLASH! will begin offering workshops and classes in collaboration with our trustees and other theologians, philosophers and social scientists in early 2011. As part of this new development, the ways you will search for information and create tags will change.

Check out these two posts for details about the upcoming changes and how to save your own personal directory materials.

2011 Brings Classes and Big Improvements to

We’re Moving: Time to Pack Up Your Data

More information about the changes will be posted on our blog at as they develop .

If you yourself have a website yourself, please put our site,, into your links and recommendations.  We’ve even got a neat logo you can put with it if you’d like. You can copy it from the blog

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  1. Nice information.. good job..

  2. hi, i have bbeen studyiig ‘the magi’ in art ‘n wonderred about thier magical prowess, who were they, ‘n hoped you would share more classical ‘magi’ paintings.rel

  3. I’ll keep an eye out for them. Anyone else have some paintings of the magi, especially unusual ones?

  4. any tidbits about joan of arc…blessed fr. joseph calvi …my favs…rel

  5. I will work on something for Joan of Arc. Do you have any ideas. I could use some info on Blessed Fr. Joseph Calvi.

  6. i don’t know how to use this site now ,can someone give me some advice

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