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Posted by on Nov 5, 2007

Spirituality and Social Justice – Quote of the day

Spirituality and Social Justice – Quote of the day


The connection the world’s waiting for is to connect the hunger for spirituality with passion for social change. Because spirituality, when it isn’t disciplined by social justice, in an affluent society, becomes narcissistic. We buy the books, we buy the tapes. We hear the guru speaker. Barnes & Noble has a whole wall of how to be spiritual, balanced, healed, whole. Spirituality becomes a commodity to be bought and sold. So spirituality has to be disciplined by social justice.”

Jim Wallis, in an interview with  Michal Lumsden, March 10, 2005

Challenging words – and perhaps a reminder that Thanksgiving and Christmas generosity and concern for the poor need to be extended to a year round concern. Our spirituality must be grounded in the realities of daily life and the common good to take deep root and bear fruit through our lives.

Keep reminding us, Mr. Wallis.

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