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Posted by on Apr 18, 2008

Tectonic Faith Shift: Evangelicals – Pro Life, Pro Obama

Tectonic Faith Shift: Evangelicals – Pro Life, Pro Obama


Those who would dismiss theology as a parlor game need only look at the alliance of evangelicals with the political right in the United States. Before the emphasis on “family values,” evangelicals had a rich tradition of struggling for social justice and equality as sign of announcing the Kingdom.

There has been another Great Awakening – a cyclical occurrence in United States history. Evangelicals are disenchanted with the policies of the political right on global warming, military adventures, and the neglect of those in need. There is a growing feeling among evangelicals that they have been used by the large financial and industrial interests to further an agenda which is far from pro-life in the broader sense of the health, well being, and development of people and the environment.

Frank Schaeffer, a scion of one the founders of the Religious Right, issues a writ of divorce with his post at entitled Pro Life, Pro Obama. Check it out.

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