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Posted by on Apr 9, 2008 Welcomes Terry Hershey Welcomes Terry Hershey


A sign of a person’s true enlightenment is how he or she handles the gods of the internet. Kathy and I had a wonderful telephone visit with Terry Hershey and his webmaster, Todd Roseman. We gave Terry and Todd a tour of and began the process of setting up the TerryHershey directory, where you can find many of his recommended books, materials, and web content. Generally, setting up a directory – which you can do by registering at  – only takes a few minutes.

As fate would have it, we ran into a snag. My many years of experience in business, working with VIPs, began to haunt me. The pressure started to build. Not to worry, though. As advertised, Terry Hershey, a minister with degrees in philosophy and theology, landscape architect, speaker and writer, was delightfully calm and soothing. Just the sort of balance he talks and writes about. Terry is very upfront about the challenges of his life, which makes it easier to see our own lives in a calm and honest manner that helps us stretch and grow.

Kathy and I are sure that you will enjoy Terry’s newsletters and other great items on his website. You can find them easily by typing “Terry Hershey” into’s discovery engine at Click on the items and you will be transported to the very peaceful and inspiring dimension known as


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