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Posted by on Dec 8, 2010

We’re Moving: Time to Pack Up Your Data

As mentioned in a companion post, the Raw Sugar discovery engine that we’ve used for our search function here at is being closed before the end of December. is not closing its doors. We’re moving and we’d like to take you with us!

We’re taking steps here at to save the links, tags and descriptions of all the materials that have been tagged as part of the public database/search engine. We plan to offer it again, albeit in a different format, once the transition has been completed and our updated site is online. Unfortunately, without your help, we may not be able to save the information in your private directories.

These are the options for saving private directory information.

1) Save the data yourself

a) Use the copy and paste functions from a spreadsheet program such as Excel or a word processing program such as Word. (If you use Word, be sure to put the data into a table to make it easier for another program to import it.)

b) Save each item in your directory individually. You will be able to save the name of your tagged item (the URL will come with it), the name of the person who originally tagged the item, the tags associated with the item and the description of the item.

c) Once we have the new database set up, you should be able to upload your directory information and continue to use it as you have in the past.

2) Ask us here at for help in saving your data.

We must have the following to access the data on your behalf:

a) User name

b) Your name and email – so we can send the data to you!

Please remember, time is of the essence. We basically have until Christmas Eve to retrieve all data stored in the Raw Sugar engine. Once Raw Sugar is closed, the data will no longer be available.

If you’ll need help to get your data saved, please contact us immediately. We will respond to your note within a day. If you do not hear from us, please try again. Sometimes there can be a “glitch” and an email doesn’t get through. Another option is to leave a comment on this post. We’ll check daily for comments and requests for help in saving data. Don’t post your user name or password, just let us know you need help and we’ll contact you at the email you used when submitting the request.

Thank you for your patience during this transition time. It’s been a delight to hear from those of you who have commented on posts and to share a love of theology. We look forward to continuing the adventure with you.



  1. Dear Randy and Kathy,
    I would like to continue receiving your information. I have limited computer skills, no website, etc. Perhaps you could enter me into your data base…emails. Thank You!
    Mary Jane and Pete

  2. Hi Randy and Kathy,
    Please keep me on your email list.
    Thank You.
    Mary Jane Doster

  3. I’m happy to hear from you. I’ll keep you on the mailing list.

    If you’re feeling adventurous, try subscribing to the blog. Just enter your email at the spot in the right hand column where it says “Subscribe by email.” Tell FeedBlitz how you’d like to receive notifications of updates to the blog. Type the code that shows up on the keyboard-type image in the middle of the page into the blank box just above it. Click on “Subscribe Me” and you’ll have it. You’ll be on our list and will get notices whenever we update the blog.

    Thanks for sharing in this adventure!


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