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Posted by on Dec 1, 2007

A Limrick for Christ the King

A Limrick for Christ the King


It’s nearly a week now since the feast of Christ the King, but today I received a limrick in the mail that was written last Sunday by a member of my home parish, St. Patrick Parish in Spokane, Washington. On this last day of the liturgical year, I share with you Dennis Johnston’s reflection on the readings for Christ the King. (The accented syllables are the ones to be stressed when reading the limrick.)

Sure we célebrate nów Christ the Kíng,
To his lóve and light álways we clíng.
In His Kíngdom Etérnal
We shun dárkness inférnal —
For forgíveness, faith, mércy we síng!

Thanks, Dennis, for your gift of this poem.

And thank you, Yom Jae Won, of Korea for your painting, “The Exalted Jesus” shown here.

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