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Posted by on Jan 22, 2008

Getting Robbed for Christian Unity – Sam Clear, Pilgrim

Getting Robbed for Christian Unity – Sam Clear, Pilgrim


Thanks to a comment from Ed, I learned about Sam Clear’s pilgrimage around the world from Australia for Christian Unity.

Sam’s dangerous mishap in Costa Rica appears to be a tale from long ago, except that it’s all too modern. Here is an excerpt.

May 13, 2007

Aussie Pilgrim Mugged in Highway Robbery

At 2pm today Samuel Clear, a 28 year old Australian walking the globe to promote the unity of Christians, was attacked at knife point and robbed by a band of 4 thieves in Costa Rica. Sam was walking and praying with friend, Damian Burgur, and a Costa Rican World Youth Day Group, when they were set upon by the four assailants.

The robbers thrust long-blade knives at the group of 11, threatening them as they lined them up along the railing of the bridge as heavy traffic flowed past. The thieves then stripped the Christian prayer group of everything valuable, including 4 backpacks, cameras, mobile phones, wallets, watches and sunglasses.

Within minutes around 10 police vehicles took chase and opened fire on the robbers as they tried to escape off the end of the bridge and down through a canyon. 3 were successful, but the fourth, was apprehended and is now facing court in Costa Rica. Sam, Damian and the group were shaken and stunned by the surprise attack, but amazingly not injured.

Despite having a knife thrust at his stomach and losing around $2,000 worth of gear, Sam had this to say, after he met the young thief, who had been apprehended.

“He was just 16 years old. He was incredibly ashamed & very quiet as he stood there looking at the floor. We introduced ourselves & I explained why we had been walking.

I gave him a World Youth Day postcard/invitation & Damian popped some rosary beads into his hand. He looked up, smiled & said thankyou, before tentatively extending his hand. We each shook hands & he once again bowed his head & returned to his cell.

Two hours later I saw him entering the court house still holding his postcard and beads – the kid wasn’t the ring leader. “His name is Danny if you’d like to offer a few prayers for him,” said Sam.


The article goes on to tell about Sam, his pilgrimage for Christian Unity, and his dream of a “24 hour a day worldwide prayer session in the name of Christian unity.” You can get the whole story at walk4one.

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