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Posted by on Aug 5, 2014

Stepping Out, Stepping Overboard

Stepping Out, Stepping Overboard


Peter sees Jesus coming toward him walking on the water in the wind and waves.
“Lord if it really is you – Call me”
In our troubled stormy lives we think we see Jesus
“If it is you – Call me”

When our job has crashed, when we have problems with our children, with our marriages
When we are dealing with illness or the death of a loved one
Our world is rocked – our boat is too small in this wind and waves
Jesus appears or does He?

We pick up the phone to ask for help — we start, we get overwhelmed
We are going to talk with our spouse or our children — we start, we get overwhelmed
We are going to tell the therapist about that terrible thing that happened to us — we start, we get overwhelmed
We start to deal with our diabetes, our obesity, our negativity — we start, we get overwhelmed

We are overwhelmed by the wind and waves of our own pain, our own fear, by the truth

Why do we doubt?
Jesus can walk on the wind and the waves
He heals the sick, raises the dead, drives out demons
Why do I think that He cannot help me? Cannot save me?

When the wind of my fear, the waves of my own pain, and truth are too much
He will reach out to save me,
Bring me back to the boat and
Calm the wind and the waves.

All we have to do is to step out, to step overboard.

A reflection on Matthew 14: 22-34

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